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Channel Ethics: Part V

Recently, I learned that a Channel Manager is also an Agent. I asked him about it and his reply: Who better to manage agents than an agent. It makes sense on the surface (like partison). And it is not uncommon....

Ethics of the Rolodex

What happens when a channel manager leaves a Master Agent or a Carrier? Who's Rolodex is it? That database of contact info is a valuable asset.What happens if the channel manager takes that database and all that information with them? Is that...

Big Changes at the Big Bell

The agent that dragged me into Telecom back in 1999 sold his telecom agency on New Year's Eve. He was a Gold Partner for many years but met with me in November because he saw the writing on the wall....

TCA Agents Ratify Code of Ethics

The Technology Channel Association's Agent Committee has ratified the Code of Ethics. (Download a copy here). The Code of Ethics must now be approved by the Board of Trustees. The Code of Ethics is the first step in the creation of...

What Would You Do?

Let's say you had a Channel Manager who only checked email twice a day: 6 AM or 7 PM. Nothing in-between. You couldn't get much response out of him outside of that. It's affecting your ability to get quotes and...
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