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Stranded Assets

Last week, FISPA had a skype video call with the FCC. The first part was with Lisa Gelb of the Wireline Competition Bureau. She gave us a perspective on the Decline of the PSTN. There has been a 34% decline...

Talking with a Regional CLEC

Twelve minutes with Clay Colvin of Georgia Business Net, a regional CLEC in Georgia, talking about the business of being a CLEC and why conferences (such as FISPA's Service Provider Summit) are helpful for small businesses. It was a good conversation about...

Things are Round and Round

As one door closes, right? Well, WISPA is putting together a deal with DirecTV so that it's mainly residential wireless ISP base can grab some cash switching people from cable TV and Internet to fixed wireless internet access and satellite...

VoiceCon and FISPA

I'm heading over to VoiceCon at the Gaylord Palm to work with XO interviewing attendees. The question: What does UC mean to you? I'm expecting 25 different answers. (Which will prove my point).Tweetup Monday (tonight) @ 7 pm at Sunset Sam's...

Social Media Preso for FISPA

Later this week I will be in Atlanta for a FISPA meeting. One of the sessions I am presenting is Social Media in a Nutshell. This follows my Marketing in a Nutshell session. The slides are here for your pleasure....
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