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MSP Tidbits (#2437)

The MSP (managed service provider) sector is set for growth as IT becomes more vital to a business - and the vastness of the IT umbrella overwhelms both the IT department and business owners. Last year, HP broke up...

Telecom Tidbits (Part 2432)

VoIP and QoS Patton started embedding PacketSmart into its SmartNode VoIP CPE. Considering the quality issues on broadband, this is a good move. Crappy call quality on cell phones lowered the bar enough that VoIP was able to take...

Frontier Takes Over in Tampa (Cluster)

So folks in Tampa Bay woke up to no bars on AT&T cellular service. Hmmm... is it because AT&T back-hauled some towers or small cell sites with Verizon FiOS perhaps? Verizon FiOS business customers scattered throughout the Tampa Bay...

Telecom Tidbits (Part 2431)

On Friday (April 1), Frontier takes over Verizon's territory in Florida, Cali and Texas. "The $10.5 billion acquisition is a big move for Frontier.... The company's current workforce of 19,200 will increase to about 29,200 and its customer base...

Different Ways to Skin a Cat

Most companies in the telecom sector just copy what other companies do. Before 2003 though, ISPs were primarily small businesses providing dial-up and then DSL to mainly residential markets in the US. Post 2003, it became a game for...
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