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Integra Expands With Fiber Buy

Integra is in the process of re-invention. Integra re-organized and revived the Electric Lightwave brand. CEO Kevin O'Hara was replaced by a board member and the HQ moved to Vancouver. But it looks like it will stick with its...

Fiber Play: NTELOS Bought by Shentel

It is all about fiber. Whether it is fiber-to-the-home or fiber lit buildings, the bankers love the word fiber. (I will refrain from jokes about constipated personalities here.) CenturyLink keeps announcing fiber-to-the-home plans. Just the announcement is enough sometimes....

The M&A Picks Up Steam

Well, that Hosted VoIP consolidation is slowly happening. Reinvigorated VoIP blogger, Garrett Smith, hints that Jive bought other HPBX companies (unnamed) besides "COMVOICE, based in Phoenix, AZ, and Vocalnet, based in San Francisco, CA." The the press release says...

C Spire Nabs Alabama UC Player

C Spire, formerly Cellular South, has announced the acquisition of Callis Communications from Mobile Alabama. Callis Comm is a Broadsoft based unified communications provider who recently expanded as a facilities-based CLEC in the greater Mobile region. C Spire is...

The FTTH Expo in Tampa

It was nice to go to a conference without a flight or hotel for a change. More shows should be in Tampa. We have a casino, great restaurants, a convention center on the water, one of the best airports...
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