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As We Close Out the Summer

As we close out the summer and enter the last third of 2016, boy, has this year zipped by. Vacations end, seasons shift, conferences kick-off. One thing for certain, Gary Vee is right about one thing: 2016 has been...

A Clean Sheet of Paper

The new year is like a clean sheet of paper. The above Calvin & Hobbes cartoon talks about how a blanket of snow makes everything new again. January 2nd is like that as well. (No idea why you have...

4 Tips for the Busy Executive

I have a couple of prospective clients that keep delaying projects. One really wants to do the project but the people aren't in place yet. The time isn't right. Is the time every really right? More than one is...

Pieces of the Partner Puzzle, Part 1

To have a successful partner program, you have to have great channel managers.Channel Managers are the whole conduit to the partner channel - and vice versa. Channel Managers are the conduit to the company for the partner. Channel Managers have...
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