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What The Channel is Selling

Finance is buying MPLS (or IP-VPN or VPLS - depending on what flavor of private networking that the carrier is using). Banks, credit unions, insurance and other financial companies have a unique set of regulations to follow, including ones...

Email Encryption on the Rise?

Glenn Greenwald is the reporter that broke the Snowden story this year. Greenwald stated that the biggest outcome of the story in 2013 is that more email is encrypted than before. PGP was created in 1991, per Wikipedia. 22...

News Items for Your Viewing Pleasure

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving break. Thanks for reading my stuff! I appreciate it. A bunch of news items for your consumption. Good Technologies sues AirWatch and MobileIron over patent and marketing infringements. 8x8 scored a couple more...

Various Tidbits

Two of my pals work at Counterpath. It went on NASDAQ today. Congrats! "CounterPath Corporation (OTCBB: CPAH) (TSX-V: CCV), an award-winning provider of desktop and mobile VoIP software products and solutions, today announced that its common stock will commence trading...

IS MPLS HIPAA Compliant?

Speaking with Peter Davis, Partner Channel Manager in the Southeast for XO, about MPLS and HIPAA. XO recently held a webinar describing how their MPLS Solution can enable healthcare organizations to be HIPAA compliant. The wording here is important. Transport...
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