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2 Blockbuster Deals

The VADs (value added distributors) are feeling the pinch of the growth of cloud, SAAS, SD-WAN, managed services - amid the decline of laptops, PCs, hardware and software licensing. Last year, Tech Data negotiated to acquire Avnet Technology Solutions...

The Distributor Side of Things

A recent discussion on LinkedIn around my blog about what Master Agencies call themselves has been ongoing. It even continued with live comments at the CompTIA event in Fort Lauderdale. Both sides will need to adapt. Most of the...

What Channel Are You Watching?

One thing I have noticed: UCaaS sales overall are not accelerating. Gary Kim writes how it is becoming a commodity. The VoIP services market is up 5% to $73Bn in 2015, says IHS. Residential makes up 62% of that....

And Who Else Got Acquired?

Who knew that Microsoft acquired 22 companies since January 2015? Here are six: Equivio, Revolution Analytics, Adollum, VoloMetrix and Secure Islands. And don't forget Swiftkey. Ingram Micro is being acquired By Tianjin Tianhai to become a part of HNA...

VADs, VARs and Cable: How Does That Work?

Tech Data and Ingram Micro have partnerships to sell network services. Ingram Micro has a deal with CenturyLink and TW Cable. Tech Data has deals with XO and Microcorp (a master agency). I want to know how the TWC-Ingram...
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