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2 Data Center Deals and some links

Yesterday I mentioned that Gladstone is the new landlord for one of Expedient’s data centers. Today, zColo (of the Zayo Group) “acquired MarquisNet’s data-center business in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 28,000 square foot data center, located at 7185 Pollock Drive,...

InterNAP Sweeps the Legs of Agents

In March, InterNAP notified agents that it would be making changes to the Agent program. It was going Master-centric.  According to the phone call I just received, 400+ agents that have agreements with InterNAP were given the boot. With 30...

InterOp InterNAP Rumor (is False)

At InterOp in Vegas this morning, there is talk that InterNAP shut down its network. It has closed its peering points and going to focus on its cloud strategy of data centers and managed services.  I'll have to work on...

InterNAP Changes Channel

Last week, InterNAP sent a letter to its Agents announcing that InterNAP's Indirect Channel program would be changing.  The new model reflects a more Master Agent centric program which will add an additional layer of support for Agents.  In the next few weeks, all InterNAP Agents will...
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