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Developing Profitable Web 2.0 Solutions

One of my sessions at ITEXPO in Los Angeles will be Developing Profitable Web 2.0 Solutions. The all-star panel consists of Ifbyphone, Voxeo, and Intelepeer, who will be talking about how to us an API to create a new app. Should be...

IT Expo Update I

At Andy's wine dinner at Roy's last night, the first wine was a 1999 Pinot Gris that was Excellent! And the first Pinot Noir (2001 Siltstone Oregon Pinot Noir from Oregon) was very good. Even the chardonnay was nice (and...

Largest Press Room Ever

Here at Room 502B at the IT Expo West, we have the largest press room ever! Ten columnists / bloggers lined up with desks and laptops and eleven tables for people to hold meetings....
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