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Can I Have Siri Without the iPhone?

In this TMC article, Tammy Wolf writes about a few hot tech trends. This one is surprising.The iPhone 4S’ Siri and IVR technology: One of the most talked-about features on the all-new iPhone 4S, the virtual assistant application Siri makes...

Why Do I Have To Give You That Info Again?

Speaking with Fonolo CEO Shai Berger and I were talking last night about Call Centers and the lousy customer satisfaction. All the M&A activity creates pockets of technology and data and apps that cannot integrate easily with other pockets of...

Intelliverse Shifting Focus

Intelliverse is shifting its business focus away from Hosted PBX to other voice services. Intelliverse used to be called I think they are going back to basics. Conferencing, network messaging, and IVR.If they thought they were leaving a red...
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