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Enchanting Keynote at Parallels Summit 2012

Guy Kawasaki was the keynote yesterday morning for the Parallels Summit 2012 in Orlando. (Vodka bar was open at 8:20 AM!) Guy talked about the key points from his book,Enchantment .One is You Must be Likable. Richard Branson of...

This Week at ITEXPO

I have been busy at ITEXPO so have not blogged this week. There are lots of familiar faces that I only get to see at ITEXPO East and West.There has been a lot of content at ITEXPO: at least 13 sessions going...

Keynoting for ADTRAN & XO

I'll be in Ft. Lauderdale on Oct. 21 Oct. 23 to keynote a partner luncheon for ADTRAN and XO. The content is based on where the indirect channel is heading in the next couple of years and what the value...
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