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3 Bills That ISP's Need to Be Aware of

In DC, there are bills moving through Congress that will affect the ISP business.The Protect IP Act and the companion Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and H.R. 1981, the ISP Data-Retention Bill.The ISP Data-Retention bill would require Internet Service Providers...

VoIP Access Ruling

"On February 18, 2010, a federal district court stepped in to fill the gap left by the FCC's silence on the issue of whether transmission of Voice over Internet Protocol ("VoIP")-originated calls is an information service exempt from access charges...

Broadband Stimulus Bill details

More Broadband Stimulus Bill (and here at TMC) info from Stephen Ronan on the CyberTelecom listserv.  (probably in response to the volume of comments from Tom Keatings blog!)Can anyone provide a pointer to the bill at issue?text of billHouse Draft...
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