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3 Studies You Might Find Interesting

SpiceWorks study on IT buyers: "The survey results show nearly 90 percent of IT decision makers evaluate and recommend technology solutions while less than 50 percent of business decision makers do the same." In the SpiceWorks IT Buyer guide,...

Where is the Demand?

There are a number of external sales channels: franchises, affiliates, referrals, VAR/inter-connect, systems integrated, agents/brokers (to name a few). It works for more industries than just telecom, real estate and insurance. All those models are for Sales. Remember though...

Sales Math and Measuring What Matters

Sales Math is the concept that you need X number of leads to make Y number of sales where Y is a tiny percentage of X. The funnel starts out with a big number and the inked deals drip...

Generating Leads Versus Branding

In the telecom space, since the dawn of integrated T1’s, carriers have neglected value and branding. All companies want sales and the sales team want leads, so the marketing department has to generate leads. With a limited budget, all the...

All They Want is Sales

Most of my phone calls lately is How Do I Generate More Sales? It's getting tougher to sell telecom. For years it was all about "Saving 10%". Now that's not enough. There have been SOOOO many companies that have screwed...
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