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The Phone System is Broken (too)

The PSTN - America’s phone network - is broken. There are two main issues that bring me to say that telecom is broken: number porting and call termination.I hear complaints from VoIP Providers (and smaller CLEC’s) all the time how...

Starview Talks Prism

Starview CEO David Walsh talks to me about PRISM, the SAAS OSS that Starview is offering to VoIP Providers covering toll-free numbers, DID’s, origination, LNP, CNAM, E-911 and even SMS. Starview also offers a white-label Hosted VoIP solution also activated through...

Google Voice LNP Available?

Google Voice is now porting numbers for $20! According to Engadget, TechCrunch and Android Cantral, Google is now porting numbers. However, when I try to reach the URL for porting at GV, 404 error. Plus nothing official on the GOOG...

Onboarding a VoIP Customer

AT&T cancelled their CallVantage service. It will go dark on Nov. 20th. The porting process is probably the most painful part of changing service. If you are a licensed CLEC, it is a little easier. If you are a VoIP...

Wow! FCC Sides Against Verizon

In an epic decision today, the FCC sided with cable (Bright House) against Verizon in the battle over CPNI and customers In this Memorandum Opinion and Order, we reject the Enforcement Bureau's April 11, 2008, Recommended Decision in this Accelerated...
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