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Are Certifications Becoming Common?

RingCentral has launched RingCentral Communication Expert (RCCE) training to provide product and technical training for partners. Alteva has had a training program for a while for product and sales training. Both are vendor specific. The TCA (Technology Channel Association)...

If Mobile is Everything

Fred Wilson repeats that Mobile is Eating the World. It might be just what I am reading (my influence bias). It's all about tablets or smartphones. Where does that leave your business in 2 or 3 years? The Internet...

The Future is Now

I got to listen to Jack Uldrich keynote the Bradenton (FL) EDC event last night (thanks to Bright House Networks). Uldrich is a futurist and a good speaker. When you examine all the trends that are happening right now...

4 New Items

Just back from ITEXPO in Vegas. Here are 4 news items worth noting. 1 Fast Company has an article about Amazon and its distribution system: "Those 10 million Prime members (up from 5 million two years ago, according to Morningstar)...

Progressive Mobile Tracker

Image via Wikipedia Progressive is pushing out an automobile tracker device called Snapshot. The device attaches to your car's diagnostic port and pushes data out via M2M. Consumers can log on to check out daily stats.With Snapshot, Progressive’s Pay As You...
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