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Just Pointing It Out (part 644)

We have a lot of good writers at TMC.  A lot of content gets produced here. So much info in fact that it's impossible to read it all. Thankfully TMC is SEO-ed to the max, which our advertisers, channel partners...

Too Many Terms (Mini Glossary)

I use a lot of terms in my writing. I figured I would explain a few of them today, since someone asked nicely.Agent is a member of the Indirect Channel. Also called a channel partner. An agent is an independent...

Microcorp Announces Commission Insurance

Atlanta based Telecom Master Agency announced at their Annual One-on-One event that they would be providing Commission Insurance. The details are coming (Brad Miehl said in November), but it looks like Evergreen may get a new look. Is this more...

ADTRAN Teams with TBI

ADTRAN announced that it has teamed with telecom master agent, Telecom Brokerage, Inc. (TBI), to help channel partners drive revenue growth and become more competitive in the Small and Medium Enterprise market. (If you aren't a Cisco VAR, you need...

Trends for 2010

In speaking with Microcorp today about their agent event in October in Atlanta, we were discussing a panel on Trends for 2010.  It's not so much about the vendors, it's about the services that the vendors are offering that will...
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