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Broadvox and Cypress: What Now?

Broadvox and Cypress acknowledged the merger rumors on Thursday, announcing that they were still working out the details of the merger. (TMC broke the story here). Both companies wanted to assure customers that it will be business as usual.Executives told...

Broadvox Inks Deal to Acquire Cypress

And so the VoIP Consolidation continues. (This is a good thing for two reasons: I need something to write about and this industry has too many players mucking about.)Rumor has it that Broadvox has inked a deal to acquire...

Nortel Being Sold Off

For those of you who missed it, Nortel is being sold off in pieces."Ericsson announced its interest in Nortel's wireless assets late, but it came home the winner, paying $1.13 billion for Nortel's LTE and legacy CDMA business." [Doug]The Enterprise unit...

The Nortel Tale

Nortel is in the news as it weighs bankruptcy. Rich Tehrani has an historic view of Nortel here, as he makes an excellent point:Sadly, we are learning now (as we do in every downturn) that branding, marketing and "perception augmentation"...
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