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Open Source Versus Commercial Software (Part 3)

At ITEXPO West in Anaheim last year, I moderated a couple of panels on Open Source software, including one on Open Source in the Service Provider with Alan Percy of Dialogic and Anand Buch of Netsapiens. [see here] We...

Open Source in the Service Provider

At ITEXPO in Anaheim in October, I moderated two panels on Open Source in the Service Provider. The content was so good (read Alan Percy's summary here) that we got back together to record it as a podcast that...

News Tidbits Part 2920

Alan Percy at Dialogic has a nice write up of our panel about Open Source for service providers from ITEXPO. The panel discussion with Dialogic, XO and Netsapiens was so good that I am sorry it was not recorded....

Will You Be in Anaheim Next Week?

Sunday I make a stop in Atlanta for a few hours for Microcorp's One on One annual event.Then I jet to LAX for ITEXO and CVX Expo in Anaheim. Are you in Channel Management? My session, Rev Up Your...

Freeside's new CEO

Freeside Internet Services, Inc. is the company behind the open-source telecom billing system named Freeside. Peter Bowen was named President and CEO on January 1, 2010. Ivan Kohler steps down as president but remains as the chief architect for the...
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