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A Parable about Outsourcing

Good Washington Post article that talks about Outsourcing.Outsourcing works because the firms pay less and don't have to deal with unions or pension plans."Simply by having more experience, a specialty contractor is also more likely to hit upon the most...

I Can Do It Myself

I hear this all the time: "I can do it myself!" Backup solution? No, I'll build one myself. Outsource your email? No, I can run my own email server. White-label VoIP? Nope. I'm going to spin up an Asterisk box and...

40 Hour Work Week

I don't know about you but a 4 Hour Work Week seems unlikely, but just a 40 hour one would be grand! Tim Ferriss wrote the book, 4 Hour Work Week, and gave a great 45 minute summary of the...

4 Hour Work Week

At a blogger MeetUp last week, the book 4 Hour work Week by Tim Ferriss came up as a must read. I don't know if I would call it that. The concept of paring everything down and outsourcing everything you...
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