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Data Centers Make the Big Time

When USA Today starts talking about data centers, the sector has hit the big time. The USA today ran a piece about the secret rooms that run the Internet. You'd think they were talking about the NSA rooms that read...

Why Security Will Be Priority 1

As I skim the Verizon Business 2009 Data Breach Investigations Report (PDF) to find that "295 million records were compromised and there were 90 confirmed breaches last year", I think where is the security? The Intrusion Detection Systems, the firewalls,...

PCI Compliance: Best Practices Webinar

Qwest sent me an invite to a webinar: PCI MOVING FORWARD: Best Practices to Achieve and Maintain Compliance.PCI compliance is a constantly changing security requirement for all businesses that process, store or transmit consumer credit card information. Shifting parameters, looming...

PCI Compliance

Elizabeth Bowles at Aristotle.Net gave a session on e-Commerce that included some PCI DSS stuff. PCI DSS is like HIPAA in a lot of ways: buzz but no one has a handle on it. There's more myth than fact, but...
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