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The ITSP Polycom Problem

I was at the Dali Museum to see the Andy Warhol exhibit. Great piece of history, btw. The Dali rotates the art, so it was my first time seeing this painting called Telephone in a dish with three grilled...

Polycom Gets Some Cash

So Polycom announced that they will "divest its enterprise wireless voice solutions business to an affiliate of Sun Capital Partners, Inc. for gross proceeds of approximately $110 million in cash." I was confused by this until I realized it is...

IP Phone Reviews

There are a lot of VoIP Phones on the market. Which one do you want? Here's some of the sites that have reviewed the latest models:FreedomIQ has reviews of the Cisco WIP310 and the entire line of Polycom standard IP...

The Energy Game

Did you know that as an agent you can broker energy? Paetec is plugging agents into the energy business - after it purchased an energy broker. I know a couple of agents that have been in the energy business for...

A Secret to Hosted PBX

While speaking with the CEO of FreedomVOICE this week, we were discussing how important it was to keep it simple. KISS is a great concept because complex installs means too many things can go wrong.This week Polycom announced that...
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