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VeloCloud Responds

After my latest SD-WAN article posted, I received an email from VeloCloud's VP of Marketing, Mike Wood. We jumped on a call to discuss his concerns. Wood corrected that Velocloud decided not to sell direct but to use a...

Telecom Tidbits (Part 2432)

VoIP and QoS Patton started embedding PacketSmart into its SmartNode VoIP CPE. Considering the quality issues on broadband, this is a good move. Crappy call quality on cell phones lowered the bar enough that VoIP was able to take...

Big Challenge Selling Hosted PBX

On LinkedIn (in the Hosted PBX group), the question was asked, “What’s the biggest challenge you face selling your solution to end users and/or channel partners?” Here are some of the answers.Can the end user trust the service delivery of...

What to Ask Your Prospective VoIP Provider

If you are a VAR or telecom agent about to pick out a strategic partner to be the VoIP Provider that you work with, here are some things to ask the execs.Are you a CLEC? It isn’t a requirement to...

A Secret to Hosted PBX

While speaking with the CEO of FreedomVOICE this week, we were discussing how important it was to keep it simple. KISS is a great concept because complex installs means too many things can go wrong.This week Polycom announced that...
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