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It Isn't About Quota

Quota is an ugly word. It's the weight that salespeople carry with them all the time, especially at the end of the month and the end of the quarter. Quota is the elephant in the room between the salesperson...

Pieces of the Partner Puzzle, Part 1

To have a successful partner program, you have to have great channel managers.Channel Managers are the whole conduit to the partner channel - and vice versa. Channel Managers are the conduit to the company for the partner. Channel Managers have...

Everything is Changing, No One is Happy

Belkin is buying Linksys from Cisco, who is exiting the consumer business. What are they doing with the Scientific Atlantic set-top boxes?Logitech is dumping some of its product lines as it re-vamps. Andy says that Yahoo Voice is shutting down....

Sales Quota Part 1

According to an article in INC magazine, “The report found that on average, only about 50 percent of sales reps made their quota, and more than 42 percent of companies reported that less than 50 percent of reps were meeting...
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