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Different Channel Partners Means Varying Obstacles

Whether I am working with an ITSP (Hosted VoIP provider) or a cloud video conferencing company, the one thing I can count on is that the channel partners will all have different business models. You can put them in buckets...

What Does It Say About the Reseller Model?

TNCI filed BK, owing $10M. There have been a number of resellers over the years in this industry - and there will be more. Reselling is THE business model that everyone jumps on it telecom. What was UNE-P after all?...


The reseller that spent so much effort trying to sign agents up for its Equity Plan - cash out when TNCI sells out - went south today by filing for bankruptcy. TNCI owes $10 million dollars to its wholesale carriers...

Live from Miami

It's a busy Expo. Full house this morning for the Service Provider Round Table with Broadvox, 8x8, InPhonex, MagicJack, Telefonica, and TW Telecom. It seemed like they would all like their ILEC associated costs to drop so they can drop...

The IP Resale Tumble

As prices of IP bandwidth sink to new lows, resellers - like Bandcon, AlphaRed, and the rest - are facing pressure. In fact, AlphaRed has apparently closed its doors, which could create problems for other resellers that it buys from...
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