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What Makes Amazon Tick

CB Insights did a break down of Amazon. It's interesting that it looks like: "Amazon is doubling down on AWS and its AI assistant, Alexa. It's seeking to become the central provider for AI-as-a-service." "AWS is the biggest area...

Downhill Sledding

For Agents especially, our business has been downhill sledding, much the way Calvin and Hobbes did it (see HERE). Price compression on network, bandwidth and voice has become so bad that it prompted all of the consolidation. Cogent and...

Tidbits #2444 (Telecom and Otherwise)

There are too many VoIP and UCaaS providers. Consolidation is required in this space. I think UCaaS has to shift into Voice/Dial-tone (POTS replacement or SIP Trunking with some features) and some collaboration platform. The way it is now...

Follow the Money

Where is the investment money going? Did you see that Apple had a revenue problem? Not as many iPhones are selling. "Benedict Evans (@benedictevans) says the mobile wave, which is split between mobile phones (voice/SMS) and smartphones, is coming...

A Few Pics from Enterprise Connect

Comcast Business revealed a new booth. "Where was Jimmy Fallon?" asked Alex. Avaya had a sweet way to brand itself. Beam robots were running around bringing the Big Bang Theory to life. BTW, Snowden used a Beam robot to...
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