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Not Exactly the Way to Sell SIP

XO announced a SIP Savings Estimator Tool in order to help sell their SIP offerings. I understand why they do this: Bell-heads only know how to sell on price.In my head, why bother? Just keep selling PRI - SIP to the...

5 Prospecting Ideas

Steve Cadley, the Salesologist from Cadley Consulting, and I discuss 5 prospecting ideas for businesses. The first key step is to define who your target is. It might be beneficial to make a list of the top 50 companies that you...


A 20 minute conversation with Joe Pennavaria, a Channel Manager with CoreBanc, Inc. discussing how to sell Software-as-a-Service (SAAS). (Part of my SELLECOM series)....

50 Ideas in 50 Minutes

Friday a client told me that he wanted me to re-do my talk titled 50 Ideas in 50 Minutes. This is a session that Jack Brandt and I did for the now defunct ISPCON shows. It was not original ideas...
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