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Can You Find the Bestseller Effect?

In the world of telecom - T1's, broadband, WAN - we know who the buyer is and why he is buying - or we assume it based on experience. (Maybe we should stop assuming WHY they buy?) But in...

No More Paying For Attention

The overall view of the Hosted VoIP industry is not unlike the aspirin aisle at the supermarket: lots of choices that all seem the same. [see photo below] How do you get the attention of the channel partner or...

Gone Are the Gatekeepers

On Facebook, a trending post is about famous rejection letters. Gatekeepers rejected projects from now famous people. Well, we live in the time of the Internet, which puts the printing press to shame. The Internet has disrupted so many...

Some Ideas to Play With

I am reading Hugh MacLeod's Rackspace book. Seth, Hugh and Tom Peters give me a lot of food for thought. IN the notes for his Rackspace book, Hugh says a lot of stuff that Peters has been saying for 50...

The Lottery Mentality

"Girls star and generational lighting rod Lena Dunham made her big debut in New York City politics yesterday," according to the MIami New Times. ""Recent college graduates, she said, are 'struggling to find jobs and pay the rent and if...
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