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A Moment About Phones

Tom Keating wrote a review of Panasonic's Android IP phone, model KX-UT670. It has HD Voice, speaker phone and integration with IP cameras. Tom reminds me that it's the "major IP phone vendors like Aastra, Cisco, Polycom, ShoreTel, snom, and...

8x8 Co-Brands Aastra Phones

After a profitable quarter, 8x8 reaches an agreement with Aastra to co-brand a phone at Office Depot."The 8x8/Aastra 6755i Virtual Office IP phone replaces the Virtual Office ST2118 analog business phone which Office Depot had previously been carrying. These plug-and-play...

7 Steps to Better SIP Security on Asterisk by JT

John Todd is an Asterisk evangelist and works for Digium. VoIP Users Conference reposted John's 7 steps to better SIP Security on Asterik (here). The reason for the 7 steps now? "In the last few months, a number of new...

VoIP and the Economy

VoIP originally was sold as the answer to the next wave of cost savings for consumers and especially for small business. Business phone lines have always cost more than residential lines because, in theory, businesses use the phone line more...

Aastra's New Line of Phones

 Aastra has a new line of SIP phones out. They sent me one to test. The Aastra 9480i CT (35i CT) offers advanced features, mobility and security ina standards-based, carrier-grade IP screen telephone. Utilizing the very popularAastra 480i CT design,...
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