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Most Businesses Fear Change

We have been successful as a sector (if you can call it successful) by selling replacement services by saving the customer money. From $1 per minute long distance to almost free; from $1500 T1 to $199. I even heard...

Some VoIP Moves

Craig Walker, Grand Central's co-founder, is jumping back into the VoIP space, according to his tweet (and the TechCrunch article that had to follow said tweet). "LogMeIn's free screen sharing and online meeting service,, just added free internet VoIP...

2 More Acquisitions

Rumor from SFGate is it that Skype bought Qik for $100 million. Qik’s smartphone video streaming service has grown to 5 million users. That doesn’t mean revenue though - and Skype should know, right? Only 6% of its 124 million...

Best VoIP Commercial Ever

Saw this commercial on TV yesterday for oovoo, which is a Skype replacement. Why did I like it? Because it demonstrated what it does while doing what Ma Bell used to do in the old days with its Reach Out...
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