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News Tidbits Part 2916

Some different things happening in the VoIP industry. Let's take a look. Phonism has come out of beta with their VoIP end-point management system. 8x8 "announced it is offering an unprecedented Service Level Agreement (SLA) to qualified enterprise customers...

The Customer is Always Right

Seth Godin reminded me this morning that the customer is always right - or he won't be a customer for long. This comes at a good time, because a recent conference call about latency on a Layer 2 private...

Telecom Tidbits on Presidents Day

On a LinkedIn group we are discussing SLA (service level agreements) and how they do not represent uptime. If you need uptime, you need redundancy. You need to build a resilient network. Netwolves has a solution called Bonded Broadband. "NetWolves...

Has Verizon Stopped Repairing Copper?

Over and over, I am hearing that Verizon has given up on copper. From repair issues to DSL to stripping copper out when FiOS is installed, the story seems to point to VZ looking to forget its copper a...

What Does an SLA Really Mean?

SLAstands for Service Level Agreement. Basically, an SLA is the minimum level of service that a carrier will deliver to you per your agreement. It is not a guarantee or an assurance that you will get that service. It means...
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