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Merger Noise in June

BroadSoft gobbled up mPortal, which "designs and develops customer experiences across mobile, web and other connected devices." [Marketing noise for app and portal.] It turns out that BroadSoft Design is actually mPortal. It has something to do with BroadSoft's...

Mary Meeker's Internet Trends 2013

Mary Meeker presented her 2013 Internet Trends at the D11 conference. Every thing is increasing fast - due to smartphones, tablets and apps like Facebook, Instagram, Dropcam, Soundcloud, Waze, et al. Jawbone UP and Nike+ plus wearable technology are...

The War on Privacy

What are the F-Agencies doing about privacy? Nothing.Facebook was caught following users' every movement on the web. If Facebook is open in a tab, it is tracking you - even movements in other browser tabs! How AT&T and Verizon manipulate...

Cell Phones Offer No Privacy

Beyond the fact that radio frequencies can be listened to with Radio Shack parts - I’m not even talking NSA spycraft here - two reports out this week show that malware is present and accounted for on cell phones. Awesome,...

Does HP Have it Right?

So HP made some, what I might call crazy, moves today. Reports are in that HP is going to spin off its PC business. Other reports are in about them killing off webOS products like Palm phones and tablets (here and...
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