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3 Reasons Most VoIP Providers Will Fail

There are about 2000 Hosted VoIP providers in the US (if you include ILECs, CLECs, RLECs and cablecos). They can't all win in the business market for at least 3 reasons. I talk about Integration all of the time....

What Did I Miss Part 34

Merger Details Emerge In the mix of the Comcast-TWC merger will emerge a new MSO created by divestitures and swaps called GreatLand Connections, previously called SpinCo. Charter will own one-third and operate it, says Telecompetitor. The FCC has received...

The Carlyle Group is on a Tear

Yesterday the Carlyle Group bought Syniverse for $2.6B just days after buying CommScope for $3.9B.Syniverse handles about 90% of the US cellular market, taking care of back office stuff like roaming, SMS, and MMS. All growth at Syniverse is global...

Broadsoft Acquires Casabi

I received a tip that Broadsoft was buying Casabi and a link to a PR website that had this to say: "BroadSoft, Inc. (Nasdaq: BSFT), the leading global provider of IP-based communications services to the telecommunications industry, today announced it...

Google Voice Ready to Launch

The blogosphere is all a-Twitter with the news of the re-launch of Grand Central as Google Voice.  Read here for Google Voice is like Gmail for Voice Mail and here and TechCrunch for the break down of features.  Highlights would...
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