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FCC Chair Wheeler Missed a Point

At Comptel, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler was the keynote speaker. Competition is the FCC model, he stated. Really? Since when? Do you think we have adequate competition in anything but cellular? Wheeler says that for the FCC "the best...

Short Week Musings

Thanksgiving and Hanukkah this week mixed with winter weather in many parts of the US has made for a slow week, but a busy travel week. Soon, thanks to the new FCC Chair Wheeler, that passenger barely squeezed into...

The FCC is Busy (Part 2)

Top stories at the FCC, where there seems to be a lot of activity lately. The FCC's Wireline Competition Bureau clarified the rules for data collection for Special Access circuits. WC Docket No. 05-25 Report and Order is out....

What's Up With Private Line?

"Private lines are leased point-to-point circuits, which are used for a variety of applications including connecting enterprise locations and backhauling cell towers to mobile switching centers," according to Insight Research."The $39 billion US private line services market is expected to...
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