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4 Quotes from Gary Vee

Gary Vanderchuk is a social media /digital marketing expert and author of a couple of books. He puts out an incredible about of content on Facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, kik, podcasts and YouTube (where he came to fame on...

Commencement Advice

"What does your college education mean?" is a good question from actor Matthew McConaughey to the graduates of University of Houston. [video on Daily Mail] It is college commencement time in America and celebrities, politicians and CEOs will be...

What I learned from the NFL Playoffs

Yesterday the Seattle Seahawks gave up 5 turnovers including 4 interceptions, yet still managed to win the game - in overtime! Here are a couple of lessons from the NFL games yesterday. Unless the game plan isn't working, stick...

Shiny Object Syndrome

In my local and business interactions there are a lot of entrepreneurs and start-up co-founders. Many of them have what I call Shiny Object Syndrome. Everything is the next new and shiny thing. We live in a society that wants...
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