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10 Years of Telco Hubris

The year was 2005. The place was the Supreme Court for the Brand-X case. Cable won. Internet was deemed an information service that did not have to be shared. Only UNE's from LECs had to be shared. [UNE-P was...

FCC Moves on Frontier and the Internet

So the FCC set the clock on the Charter-TWC merger. Part of the order explains how confidential information will be handled. (This is not the first merger with confidential company info.) The two Republican Commissioners on the FCC are...

What Have I Been Saying?

Gary Kim writes, “A study of data submitted by 221 small U.S. telcos by Telergee Alliance confirmed trends you would expect: Broadband and wireless are growing, cable TV is flat, and voice is declining. As has been the case for...

Hulu Killed the TV

As stated previously, as telcos spend billions to deliver TelcoTV to the masses, the masses decided they don't want it.The cellular companies want to deliver some kind of TV content exclusively to their uses. This makes no sense because these...

Telco TV

Gary Kim and IP Business have a couple of decent articles on Telco TV. (They call it IPTV, which by strict definition it is not for most telcos. FiOS uses RF just like cable). the first article frames the debate:...
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