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Video is Going to be Big

Cisco did a survey of young execs. They predict video will be big. You'll see. "A global study announced today by Cisco revealed that the majority of these next-generation executives intend to depend heavily upon business-class video to connect...

Broadband is Productivity

I think that broadband has made some people "too connected". Between twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email, text messages, etc. When do you get a recess? But for those that can in fact walk away from the tech and live a normal...

TelePresence with WBS Connect

At the IT Expo West, WBS Connect had a great booth that was a Tele-presence suite - fully tricked out. I interviewed Scott Charter, managing partner of WBS Connect, at the show, but after reading IP Business magazine's write-up, I...

Tele-Presence versus Video Conferencing

Andy Abramson writes about how video conferencing from a client company like SightSpeed is better than Cisco's Tele-Presence. On Sept. 22, Brian Carroll is having a tele-seminar on "Email vs. Phone vs. In-Person Meeting". Keith Rosen, a respected sales coach,...
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