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Telesphere Goes Reality TV in Booth

A few posts this month from trade shows where I just wanted to point out some unusual marketing, like TelePacific having pop-a-shot basketball games in their booth. Swoosh! Telesphere and BroadSoft are unveiling a massive 8-foot-tall, 3,200 pound aquarium...

It Has Been an Eventful Year

I have been to a lot of events this year. They almost tend to blur together. There were a couple of interesting pics this year though. TelePacific used a chocolate bar to release their new message - Connect, Cloud,...

Some Moves That May Seem Like News

Who is going 100G? Both XO and Spread Networks announced its deployment of 100G technology. The surprise? Bright House Networks announced that it will extend its relationship with Fujitsu and utilize that vendor for 100G in its metro network. Comcast...

11 Top Stories in Telecom in 2011

Here’s my take on the Top 11 stories in telecom of 2011.1. Shane McNamara being named VP of the Indirect Channel at XO. It was a shock pick for many in the industry.2. TNCI Bankruptcy! I understand that the reseller...

What Will You Be Selling in 2012?

Most channel executives will tell you that the 2 biggest products for 2012 will be MPLS and SIP.  It makes sense since the PSTN is being phased out as the telecom infrastructure turns to an all-IP network. It also makes...
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