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M&A Rumor Mill

One big rumor is that Salesforce is being acquired. Google, Microsoft and even Oracle have all been mentioned. Although Oracle has said they will profit more if someone else buys Salesforce. By the way, just the rumor made a...

Telx Says They Love the Channel

Allen Harmsen, Director of Product Marketing at TELX, spoke with me about the channel strategy at TELX. To clear up the rumors from last week, Harmsen and Mary Fahey explained that Telx was actually still very channel-centric and that...

Channel Disruptions in February 2014

So as I understand it (I will confirm with Telx next week), Telx has revised its channel program. So Telx has over 300 agents of which maybe 100-120 have sold a deal. Those other approximately 200 are being given...

ABRY, Telx and other Monday Surprises

ABRY Partners in conjunction with Berkshire Partners LLC acquired TELX from GI Partners, which also owns ViaWest. (I have to ask why they didn't merge those two together?)  ABRY Partners has been active in telecom, buying RCN/Sidera, but especially in...

Hot off the Twitter Press

It's amazing the news feed you can get from Twitter. Broadband Stimulus Plan: High-Speed Access coming to Rural America Ask our CIO about our UC implementation at Aspect on a Frost & Sullivan webinar tomorrow: Telefonica, Microsoft Offer Windows Live...
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