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4 Tips for the Busy Executive

I have a couple of prospective clients that keep delaying projects. One really wants to do the project but the people aren't in place yet. The time isn't right. Is the time every really right? More than one is...

Are You Getting Rejected By Cable?

I hear a lot of stories about cable: (1) About a one-third order drop out rate due to no facilities: (2) Intensive paperwork for orders and quotes; and (3) clean orders are rare, which causes rejections that result in...

Time is Fluid

Good article about the six time management tips for entrepreneurs.Time is fluid. Salvador Dali has an awesome painting called The Persistence of Memory hanging at the Museum of Modern Art that reminds me that time waits for no one and...

What's the SCORE?

I sat down with a SCORE counselor today. SCORE is a national organization of business executives that volunteer to help other business people.  We discussed my consulting business for about 90 minutes. He shared some insights with me that I...

4 Hour Work Week

At a blogger MeetUp last week, the book 4 Hour work Week by Tim Ferriss came up as a must read. I don't know if I would call it that. The concept of paring everything down and outsourcing everything you...
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