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Dany Bouchedid, CEO at COLOTRAQ, a data center and cloud master agency, joins me for a 7 minute podcast about their soon to be released "cloud based software for agents and clients" named DCI-TRAQ. DCI-TRAQ will allow agents to...

Will It Rain for EarthLink in the Cloud?

EarthLink is really pulling out the umbrella to get it to rain in Cloud. EarthLink picked up XO's former CMO, Michael Toplisek, as EVP of IT Services. The press release says that he was President of Concentric Cloud, but that...

I Can Do It Myself

I hear this all the time: "I can do it myself!" Backup solution? No, I'll build one myself. Outsource your email? No, I can run my own email server. White-label VoIP? Nope. I'm going to spin up an Asterisk box and...

Cloudy Thought

Visual basic was designed to make it easy to program for Windows. Macros in Excel spreadsheets are under a similar theme. Cloud based apps like Twilio and virtualization make it easier for companies to go to market while utilizing technology...

Data Center Rumors

In case you didn't hear Oracle bought Sun. Open Source folks are worried and so are Sun customers. Nuvox opened a new 5,000 square foot data center at 421 West Church Street in Jacksonville FL, which is THE telecom hotel...
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