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10 Lessons from Volleyball, Part 2

Part 1 of the 10 Business Lessons from Volleyball can be found here. In volleyball, the only play you control yourself is the serve. See that post here. Best female server in the world now is Logan Tom. The key...

10 Lessons from Volleyball

I've played volleyball for over 25 years. I have traveled around the US to watch the pros live - both indoor and outdoor. I have even gotten to train with a couple of the greats (like Misty May and...

A Collision is Coming

Another point Nicholas Carr made was that IT and telecom are colliding. A new landscape is coming. My thoughts immediately went to GV. Who will be replaced by Google Voice?Who is the commodity?  Who will add Value to the User Experience?People will...

Double Dip in LA

The IT Expo in LA is Sept. 16-18. If you are going (and why wouldn't you?) there is an opportunity for you to stay the weekend and see the Wimbledon of Beach Volleyball as the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball tournament...
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