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Is Zer01 Crashing?

The deal that was supposed to save VOX Corp. (parent company is Pervasip). After Networld World questioned whether the mobile VoIP service could actually work, the company stripped data from its website (as reported by both PC World and Network World).PC...


I'm watching two conversational threads right now. One about Google Wave, which as Andy Abramson writes:I'll refer to Wave as transformational, as its not revolutionary, but moves work flow from asymmetrical to both symmetrical and asymmetrical universes simultaneously, changing how...

Acredo Lays Off Staff

This morning on Twitter, it was announced that Hosted VoIP company, Acredo, had laid off all its staff. Acredo is the second Hosted PBX player in Orlando to axe its staff in the past few weeks. VOX also laid off...
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