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The Moment of Truth in Sales

ZMOT is the zero moment of truth. It has changed significantly. If you believe the HBR article about solution selling being dead, then you believe that for savvy buyers, the salesperson is relegated to being a price jockey. It might...

Thoughts from Social Fresh

Social Fresh Tampa was this week but I only attended the final panel on Day 2. Justin Levy (now at Citrix) resonates with me. Zena Weist of H&R Block did not. Paula Berg formerly at Southwest Airlines, now with Linhart...

Developing Profitable Web 2.0 Solutions

I will be moderating a developer panel at IT EXPO WEST on Developing Profitable Web 2.0 Solutions. The panleists are from Ifbyphone, Voxeo and Intelepeer.This is a Dev panel so we will be talking about The Styles or Ways to...

IP - no the other IP

My friend is kind of a patent attorney. He just got back from BarCamp Orlando (350 strong!). When he and I discuss Web 2.0, the one thing lacking is IP protection. Sure, everyone uses distributed computing in clouds and clusters,...

Secret Portals

You'll notice that Web 2.0 apps like to open to private beta. (I think Google started this with Gmail but don't quote me). Lately, the requests for an invite to GrandCentral (voice management portal acquired by Google last year) have...
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