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There's No Such Thing as Free

There are costs to delivering service. There really isn't a free. I get asked a lot about WebRTC. It's a free client for video conferencing. In a way, yes it is. As long as the media server can recognize...

Lots Going On

Apparently, all will be better when we switch from QAM to WAM DISH hasn't given up on wireless. It has done terrestrial LTE trials with nTelos. DISH is still looking to buy LightSquared or T-Mobile. Now DISH is doing...

2 Studies and Some Tidbits

Metaswitch did a study on cloud + telcos + SMB and found that telcos may not be the trusted cloud providers that small business wants. "Existing phone providers overlooked for IP: Just 10 percent of pre-IP SMBs would even consider...

What's the Deal with WebRTC?

Day 3 at WebRTC Expo and for the most part everyone is still asking the monetization question. How will we monetize WebRTC? Well, you won't. WebRTC is just a tool; it is a programming package like HTML5. How do you...

Vidtel Makes WebRTC Available with MeetMe

WebRTC is an open-source application interface that allows real-time services like voice, video, and data sharing to work within a web browser. Vidtel's MeetMe and Gateway services both natively support WebRTC, empowering businesses to utilize video conferencing in entirely new...
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