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Lessons from the NGC15

At the NextGen Cloud Expo yesterday, Tony Hawk was the featured keynote. Not exactly a prized speaker, he did have interesting vignettes about his life. He kept doing the skate-boarding thing even when he was broke and making no...

Factors in Channel Program Success and Sales

If your channel program is white-label or is dependent on MSPs and other channel partners, let us take a look at the economics for a moment. First, white-label gets some up-front money for customization. But then there is this...

A Brief About ANPI

ANPI is a telecom company privately held by 140 RLECs (rural local exchange carriers also called IOCs, independent operating carriers). I spoke with Mike Cromwell, ANPI Chief Sales Officer, earlier this week to get the background on ANPI and...

The Spoken Word

I gave it a shot at podcasting some of the news tidbits. It's 5 minutes. Let me know what you think. Thanks! Alpheus is going from wholesale to Enterprise. They are going to put their 7 data centers to good...
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