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AT&T: Transform from Agent to Provider

AT&T has a new channel program that isn't really a channel program so much that it is a wholesale program. (I wrote about it when I first heard about it back in September.) The Emerging Markets Program requires that...

AT&T's New Partner Program

Note that this is information I have heard from three different agents about AT&T's new partner program. One even attributed it to ACC Business. I have not confirmed it - nor have I seen the agreement. There are many...

Big Agent Win or Scam?

A couple of small ISP/CLEC companies received letters from Verizon Wholesale stating that VZ Wholesale is outsourcing their puny accounts to an agency, Alliance Wholesale Agents, LLC.This would be huge win for any agency, since VZ waffles over the channel...

Point1 Joins Pac-West

Pac-West Telecomm has merged with UniPoint Holdings (Point1). The combination of the wholesale business units will allow these two companies to better serve the marketplace, according to a press release. Interesting combo, but it certainly helps to bolster both companies...
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