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What Are They Feeding Enterprise?

After a 27 hour trip to Enterprise Connect, I can safely say that we have an unqualified me-too business. Video conferencing and collaboration - now called meetings and workflow - were printed on every booth. Here is what I...

What Happened in Vegas?

It looked like the fun days of telecom again at the CP Expo in Vegas this week. The parties were almost constant. I know Vegas is known for drinking but people were holding Bud Light bottles starting way early...

Salute to Women in Tech

Women in the Channel, Women in Technology and Girls in tech are just a few of the organizations supporting women in the technology field. Being a women in telecom has its own special challenges. The FCC had a facebook...

There Were Some Bright Spots

There were some bright spots in 2014. Canadian and UK companies reached out for consulting in 2014. Opportunities in LATAM also peaked on the horizon. But most of the attention was right here in the USA. Looks like service...

Growth for Women in the Channel [podcast]

Women in the Channel has been seeing noticeable growth with its biggest event at the Cloud Partners Expo in New Orleans coupled with regional events at the Genband partner summit, Telarus's partner event and Microcorp's One-on-One. In this 14...
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