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Second Principle of Open Communications

February 27, 2009 6:07 PM

Greetings Everyone and first let me apologize for my long absence since my last blog. I have been working feverishly on a new Go To Market Approach for our UC portfolio and I was also fighting a rather serious cold for the last few weeks (OK this is better than telling you all the dog ate my homework isnt it). I hope to post soon on this new market approach but today I want to continue on with the seven principles I laid out in my initial blog. The second key principle of Open Communications is the idea of "IT Based Communications".

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In my first blog, I provided some background on the principle of Open Communications as well as some context to why this is critical for Enterprise customers. The first principle of Open Communications that I want to explore is Unified Communications. This is perhaps one of the most critical topics in our industry today.

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