3rd Principle of Open Communications (FMC)

I was thinking about how I would approach this component of the seven  principles of Open Communications. Fixed Mobile Convenience is the one aspect of Open Communications that I believe is central to how we operate now and into the future.  There are numerous marketing messages out there about the increasingly mobile workforce so I will try not to bore you with more of the same. You may have noted the term Fixed Mobile Convenience vs Convergence. I used convenience because it illustrates the idea that subscribers should have choice especially when it comes to their mobile offerings. For some end users, it will be important to have one device from which to communicate with rest of the enterprise. For others it will be critical to be reachable on a single number despite using multiple devices during the day. There is another aspect of mobility that requires a user to be able to move between deivces within the enterprise and have their features and functions follow them wherever they go.  

What is clear about the above is that mobility is not a one size fits all proposition. The term convenience really addresses the need for flexibility and the reality that all three environments exist within most enterprises.  Customers need to ask their vendors some key questions such as how they define FMC and what flexible FMC solutions can they offer. You see, despite the marketing hype thrown out regarding FMC, whats really important to understand is that we are an increasingly mobile workplace. Because we are so mobile we should not have to sacrifice the ability to be connected in the manner that best suits our own purpose and preference.
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