A Bit of Post-Election Patriot Gloat

We hate to gloat - we were always told in fact by our mothers that gloating is bad - but sometimes, just sometimes it is worth pointing out that it is not just presidents that say the darnedest things it is the "journalists" as well. Well I think he is a journalist - what is it we call Keith Olbermann these days? We aren't sure so erring on the side of caution we won't speculate because our mothers also taught us if we have nothing nice to say we shouldn't say anything at all.

After all, when reflecting on Mr. Obermann's comments of this past March, you wonder for a man who acts so smart, how can his words be so wrong? It is almost as if all that hot air spewing out of his mouth (sorry Mom, we just couldn't help ourselves) causes him to just rant hateful, ugly comments which are obviously incorrect - just for the sake of hearing himself speak.

Speaking of speaking - we've done enough writing - this is what MSNBC's star had to say just eight months ago:

Failed, Mr. Boehner. You lost. You blew it. . . . I would think the "will and desires of your fellow countrymen" should be pretty damn clear by now: Your countrymen think your policies are of the past, and your tactics are of the gutter.

. . . And so I offer this olive branch to the defeated Republicans and Tea Partiers. . . . You are rapidly moving from "The Party of No," past "The Party of No Conscience," towards "The Party of No Relevancy." You are behind the wheel of a political Toyota. And before the mid-terms, you will have been reduced to only being this generation's home for the nuts.

And that is about as much gloating as we feel comfortable doing right now... We could go on and on about how out of touch this gentleman is with Americans and perhaps this is the reason his network is not only getting killed but slaughtered by Fox News but we see he is under pressure judging by his face on election night. Hey, maybe its time for a vacation. We hear Cuba is nice this time of year - you see Mr. Olbermann, we may not agree with you on much but we are huge proponents of making you feel right at home.

Patriot Talk by the way owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to many who have been proponents of the conservative message and have shown how well it works. Names that come to mind at this point are Ronald Reagan, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and James Tarranto whose daily dose of sanity delivered as Best of the Web contained content today which contributed to this post.
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